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Van Isle Websites Responsive and Mobile Design

Van Isle Websites Design Process

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How to Get STarted

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    Consultation and Analysis for a new website

    Step 1

    Consultation and Analysis

    The first step is to get in touch with Van Isle Websites for a consultation and quote! We'll get an idea of some of your big picture ideas, including the purpose, goals and audience of your new website. We'll analyze your responses, and put together a proposed project plan, including some layout ideas and a price quote!

    STEP 2

    Architecture and Layout Design

    After a project plan has been agreed upon, the design and development process begins! In this stage, we'll draft a proposed site architecture, which will outline the different pages of your site, and where important information will go. We'll also provide you with some different looks and options for your new site.

    Architecture and layout for your new website
    Content and Implementation for Van Isle Websites

    STEP 3

    Content and Implementation

    This is where the development really begins. Will start to frame your new website based on the agreed architecture and layout. You provide us with your content (including specific logos, images, and words you want to use) and we'll start building out your website pages.

    While you're the expert on your own content, Van Isle Websites does provide content editing services.

    STEP 4

    Review, Website Launch and Delivery

    Now that your site is built and your content uploaded, it's time for review and delivery. This means running your through your website and getting any final changes in. Once that is complete, that means it's time for your new website to launch!

    After launch, we deliver the logins to you and get you ready to take the reigns. Or you can have Van Isle Websites manage your site for you and take care of future edits, security updates and more!

    Website Launch

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