How to Buy Website Hosting & Connect your Domain


In the previous steps, I’ve shown how you can register a domain and things to look for when picking a web host to host your website on. Now it’s time to register for a web host and connect your new domain to your new web host. In the examples below, I show how to do this with shared hosting on Veerotech, since that is the host that I for many websites that I’ve built.

Connect your web host to your domain banner

How to Buy Website Hosting

Registration is fairly straightforward, but I’ll run you through it anyways so that you can see the information you’ll need to provide, and the different steps that are involved.

As I’ve already talked about, there are a multitude of plans and options to pick for your new web host. For creating the website, which I show in the examples below, I chose the Veerotech SSD Micro shared plan, as it provides 1 GB of DDR4 RAM, and should be good enough for my new site starting out, and to build my readership. I signed up for an annual plan to receive 10% off, and it cost $64.26 USD per year. Find the plan you want in the table, and click “Select & Continue”.

Veerotech shared hosting plans

Now input the domain name which you have already registered (see Registering a Domain article). Doing this will make connecting your domain to your new web hosting much easier, as Veerotech will provide proper naming conventions for your server.

Fill in the domain you own

Confirm that the plan is the correct one, and move onto the payment section.

Confirm Veerotech plan and input registration info

Input your correct personal information, and your payment information and complete your order. From here, Veerotech will build your shared server space and email you the important login information for your new web space.

Veerotech order confirmation

Receiving server settings and login info.

Since you have not yet  connected your new domain name to your new web host, you’ll have to access your new website through the assigned Veerotech server name. This information as well as a temporary website URL will all be included in an email sent by Veerotech. Look for it to arrive as “Your hosting account information – Veerotech Systems”.

Veerotech hosting details email

You can see that this email provides you your new account information, login details and the web address of your control panel, and most importantly, your Veerotech nameservers to point to.

How to connect your domain to your new webhost

Now that you have your nameserver information from Veerotech, it’s time to update your domain registrar to point your new domain to your new web host. As I talked about in a previous article I use Namecheap as my registrar, and will show you how to connect your domain/web host using Namecheap.

Login to your Namecheap account and click on the Domain List, find your new domain and click on the “Manage” button:

Access namecheap domain dashboard

In the “NameServers” section, select Custom DNS. And now add the nameserver values that Veerotech provided you by email. Now select the little green check mark to save this information.

Add veerotech nameservers in the custom DNS section

Finished. You have now updated your settings so that your new web address will point to your new website. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: it may take up to 48 hours for changes to take effect. While sometimes these changes go through quick (I find it usually takes 2 to 3 hours), sometimes it takes some time. If your new domain doesn’t point to your website instantly, don’t fret. Sometimes it goes fast, and sometimes it doesn’t. If after 48 hours your domain isn’t pointing to your new website, you may have updated your DNS information incorrectly. Login again and make sure that your nameservers on Namecheap are the ones that match the email from Veerotech.

Wrap up 

There you have it. You have now purchased a domain, you’ve purchased web hosting, and you’ve now connected them.  After you’ve given it some time for the Nameserver propagation to go through, when you visit your new web address, it should look something like this:

URL confirmation in browser

It may not look like much, but this is a good thing. Since you haven’t actually created any content or installed any content management system, there isn’t much that should be showing. But this page confirms that your new domain is now connected to your web host. Congratulations. Now for the next step – installing a Content Management System, WordPress!

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